Lockwood Canine Training Center offers a unique boarding experience that takes care of your dog’s mental and physical needs in a natural environment. Your dog is our dog when they stay with us.

Lockwood Canine Training Center is a member of the ABKA – the American Boarding Kennel Association.

Individual Care & Attention

Upon making a reservation to board at Lockwood Canine Training Center, we will want to learn about your dog’s personal needs and requirements including special instructions on important things like diet, medications, socializing, exercise, and quiet time.

As a former Animal Health Technician, I realize the importance of monitoring your dog’s general health, eating and bathroom habits, as well as their mental attitude during their entire stay. To ensure your dog feels more at home here, we always ask you to provide us your dog’s bedding, favorite toys, and other familiar things they will associate with their home environment.

One of our top priorities at Lockwood Canine Training Center is to ensure your dog’s stay with us is a safe enjoyable experience and is as consistent as possible with their daily routine at home.

Spacious & Hygienic Accommodations

Our kennels were designed and built for your dogs comfort, health and safety.

Your dog will enjoy spacious accommodations with at least 6-8 feet of space between their dog run and others. This extra space greatly reduces the stress dogs typically feel in most kennel environments – crowded side-by-side runs where dogs can become over-stimulated, “shut down,” and even develop bad habits as a result of their boarding experience. This additional space also greatly reduces the possible transfer of airborne illnesses that often appear in kennel environments designed with side-by-side dog runs.

Our kennels are climate controlled and offer plenty of fresh air, natural light, and access to a covered all-weather dog run made with FRESH CLEAN SAND. Dirt, grass, and even cement dog runs can harbor bacteria, parasites, and viruses. Replacing the sand in our dog runs after each stay and using only Veterinary approved cleaning methods inside our kennels is part of our commitment to provide a safer and healthier environment for your dog.

Play Time & Rest Time

It's a 'dog's life' at Lockwood Canine Training Center! Your dog will love our large enclosed fresh sand playgrounds to run around, stretch out, and play. And our new canine water creek play and splash area is slated for completion in the spring of 2010. Thinking of taking a vacation next summer? Send your pup off to summer camp at Lockwood Canine for some fresh air, recreation, and some one-on-one or group training lessons.

Like a good parent, we understand the importance of balancing your dog’s play time with rest and quiet time so we monitor their activity levels at all times based on things like their age, health, and even the temperature outdoors to ensure that this important balance is reached. If you think your dog would enjoy playing with another dog during their stay, we have a number of friendly stable dogs available as playmates. If your dog is timid or not socially inclined we will make sure they receive plenty of playground time of their own.

Purified Spring Water

We provide our canine guests with fresh spring water pumped straight from our local mountain aquifer and then filter it to assure its purity. With more municipal water systems showing traces of industrial pollution and pharmaceutical contaminates, it’s reassuring to know that your dog will be drinking purified spring water during their stay at Lockwood Canine Training Center.


If your dog needs exercise and social interaction while you’re at work or away from home during the day, daycare is the answer. Your dog will get the exercise they need, human contact, and social interaction with other dogs. This can have a positive influence on your dog while you’re away and carry over into their daily home life with you.


Lockwood Canine Training Center offers professional grooming with natural cleansers and shampoos that keep your dog smelling fresh and their coat clean. Grooming services include Hydro-surge bathing, anal gland expression, force dryers that blow out loose hair, ear cleaning, and nail clipping.

Kennel Hours

The center is open year-round from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm daily, including holidays. Lockwood Canine Training Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Permanent residents at Lockwood Canine Training Center include Julie and her dog Ranger and other full-time center staff members.

Boarding Requirements

To board your dog at Lockwood Canine Training Center, we require a written vaccine record indicating that your dog is current on DHLP-P, Bordatella and Rabies. You may fax the vaccine records to us at (818) 804-3363.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about our boarding, accommodations, and training services.